“I think Trump is gonna win”: Michael Moore tells Bill Maher that Dems need to stop laughing at the RNC circus


Bill Maher hosted a special “Real Time” Wednesday night after the conclusion of the third day of the Republican National Convention. His guests included documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid, and journalist and LGBT rights activist Dan Savage.

Panelists Reid and Savage began loudly agreeing with Maher and each other about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s mob trial of presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during his convention speech on Tuesday night, in which the audience started chanting in unison “guilty” and “lock her up.”

“Maybe in the room they thought that sounded cool,” said Reid. “But outside of the room, it sounded crazy.”

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“It might have sounded crazy to us, but to millions and millions of Americans, this was music to their ear,” Moore responded. “We’ve been sitting in our bubble, having a good laugh at this total …; shit show, but the truth is that this plays to a lot of people that he has to win to become the next president …; I’m sorry to be the buzzkill here so early on, but I think Trump is gonna win.”

Watch the panel discussion below: