EXCLUSIVE – WATCH: Original “Apprentice” star Kwame Jackson says Donald Trump is “at his core racist”


Last week the Salon crew traveled up to Harlem for a conversation with entrepreneur and motivational speaker Kwame Jackson, the runner up on Season 1 of NBC’s “The Apprentice.” The 42-year-old businessman, who’s had a decade-plus relationship with Donald Trump, gave us some valuable insight into the Republican nominee, and why Jackson doesn’t want you to vote for him on Election Day.

Trump knew he could never count on Kwame Jackson to be a token black surrogate. “I have no interest in supporting someone who I think is, at his core, racist,” says Jackson.“I was one of the first people to say ‘racist.’ Before, people were flirting with the idea, [saying] ‘Oh he has racist tendencies’ or ‘Maybe he is echoing racism,’ and I was like: No, actually he is a racist!”

Jackson discusses his personal experiences with Trump on set, along with the Birther movement, the lack of diversity in Trump’s business operations and Trump’s lack of respect or understanding of black professionals.

Watch the full interview above.